Life begins with you...

Motherhood is the most unique time in your life, and I am very happy to create eternal works of art that will bring you back to your wonderful inner world.

Do not indulge the pleasure of making a pregnancy photoset. After all, women during pregnancy radiate happiness.


The most suitable period for a pregnancy photo shoot is a period of 28-32 weeks, when the stomach is beautiful and rounded and it will not be so difficult for you to stand or is in the same position. But, at the first consultation, I tell mothers that it is important that mom likes her reflection in the mirror, it is important to have a photo shoot when mom is comfortable and easy when she enjoys this condition. Therefore, it is not important wether it will be your 23 week or 35 week of pregnancy, only your internal state and readiness matter.

  • Your photoset can be done at your place or outdoors. If desired, we can use several locations in one photo session, if they are within walking distance of each other.
  • Please note, I do not provide clothes for the expectant mother, and special items for this photoset. It is important for me that it was you, your love, tenderness, your feelings that appear on pictures. Wear your dress or other comfortable clothes. We can use your memorable things if you want (such as the first ultrasound, booties, sliders, a toy)

 Range of services

Maternity session

  • Up to 1,5 hour session. We choose a place for a photo session in advance (it can be a photo session in the open air, at your home or in my home studio);
  • Package includes: 20 bright art-featured photos;
  • The ability to choose your favorite photos;
  •  Artistically enhanced digital images in full resolution, canvas-ready;
  • Images in both in cooker and black & white with printing rights;
  • 4 R prints of all selected images;
  • Order execution time ard 6-9 weeks;

550 SGD


Mini Maternity session

  •  Up to 1 hour
  • Package includes: 10 retouched high-resolution digital files from your session


         *only pregnant mom takes part in the photo session

500 SDG


After your session

  • PLEASE NOTICE!!! Payment for the photo session is made on the day of shooting, at the end of work in the amount of 100%. I start reducing photos after receiving full payment for my job.
  •  Images are processed for one (1) week for the first viewing. You will receive a PDF file with all photos from the photoset. Usually I can process and give 1-2 photos a day, when you select photos / or I can send 1-2 finished photos the day after the photoset by my choice (note that if I select pictures, they are also part of the total number of images in your chosen collection)
  • You will be given two (2) weeks to select your favorite photos.
  • Final full-resolution images ready for canvas will be available for download at least four (4) weeks after you select your photos.
  • All final images will be individually edited by me manually to ensure they meet my highest standards of artistry.
  • Your printed photos, as well as a flash drive with all the images you have selected, will be sent to your home by courier within two (2) weeks after we approve the numbers of photos for printing (this rule does not apply to photo albums)



  • All selected images will be in color and black and white with print rights.
  • Please note that I do not distribute or sell RAW files / unedited works.
  • I don’t “return all photos”, because all my images are not considered finished products until they go through various stages of processing (removing duplicates), color adjustments, digital editing and finishing touches.
  • Flexible payment terms can be arranged. Do not hesitate to ask me about it.


Additional services:

  • If you want more photos , 25 SGD each additional photo;
  • Printing additional photos, price on request;
  • Рhotobook creation, price on request;
  • Wooden photoblocks, price on request;
  • Gift Certificate for any package;
  • Urgent photo processing within 14 days - 200 SGD.
  • For a photoshoot at Sentosa additional transportation fee SGD 50 

Photographer reserves the rights to post featurd photo in the photographer's private portfolio @social networks.

If by any reasons the customer insists to arrange confidential photo session – just inform me in advance. I do respect right for private life )). However I would be pretty much pleased  & thankful to all parents who don't mind to post featured photos in my online portfolio – this is the greatest tool for self-development and improving my photo skills.

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