Fresh 48


Baby’s first days

Between the birth of a child and the time when parents bring their child home, there is something magical.


After the thrill and excitement of birth, the first 48 hours of a child’s life is a time of silence. At this time, parents do not notice the fuss of the outside world. Between parents and their new baby, intense love and communication grows. At this time a new mom and dad were born. This is an important moment for the whole family.


For me, this photoset means art, beauty and so much of life. Fresh 48 is usually carried out within 12-48 hours after giving birth. This may be a way to remember the birth of a family. These photographs can capture the first seedlings of an individual. And the Fresh 48 session can give you the opportunity to remember the beauty and tenderness of that important day for you. Our memory is imperfect, and, unfortunately, this time is quickly forgotten. Therefore, it is much more than simple documentation of the first day of a child in a hospital.


I use a combination of lifestyle and a documentary approach in my Fresh 48 Newborn sessions. This means that I refer my customers to their places and activities, looking for natural, spontaneous, beautiful moments that occur during the session. Most likely, I will not interrupt a wonderful moment to remove one hair from your face or tell you to tilt your head in a different way, and this is normal. I will be there to lead the session, but the goal is to relax and imagine that I am not in the room, so you can behave naturally.

Range of services

Fresh 48

Consultation prior to your photo session;

• Package includes: 30 bright art-featured photos by photographer selection (in

color and black and white);

• One minute video montage as a digital download only;

• Photos transfer to customer thru online file exchanger (.jpeg format);

• Order execution time 7 days after the end of the session;

• no print

500 SGD


After your session


  •  7 days after the photoset, you will receive a link to the finished photos, you can see and upload photos;
  • You will also receive your video editing, which will include photos showing important moments of the photoset.


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