How it goes: newborn session features

How and when to make photo session appointment?

Photo session apointment should be arranged in advance according to delivery due date (preliminary appointment). Exact dates for photo session should be negotiated and confirmed within 2-3 days immediately after delivery.

What’s the most suitable age for newborn session?

The best age for newborn photo session is within 4-14 days right after delivery. The moments of these days are the most unique, funny and cute – the moments that never come again in the kids life. First two weeks let us to have smooth and quiet session during the newborns sleeping hours, without tummy cramps. Moreover the newborn ones are so flexible at that age and feel absolutely comfortable in the natural poses (mostly during the session we repeat before-delivery poses with maximum naturalness).

Safety is the key priority here. I use only the most safety poses for newborn composition.  Accessories and props are well maintained and sterilized before every session (special preparation required for newborn clothes, textile backgrounds and other accessories, i.e. toys). Photo shooting mainly takes place with natural lighting without flash.  Later photo session at the age 3-4 weeks is possible however it does not let to get descent quantity of “lucky shots” comparing to newborn session. Basic reason here – kids are getting fidgets and catch them by camera becomes a challenging task.

How long does it take to execute a newborn photo session?

Photographer creates the most comfortable and cozy conditions for little photo model, however some extra time might be required for feeding, rocking the baby, ect. Thus , totally such photo session takes around 3 hours.

How to choose proper accessories for photo session? 

Usually I select the accessories by my own  a few days before thoto session. Any image already existing in my portfolio might be used for your photo session. Just let me know your choice in advance.     

What should be prepared for newborn photo session?

I have more than enough props specially designated for newborn photo. Props always included into every package. As soon as such photo session takes place at home  - all necessary props are always around. However diapers, wet tissues, textile wrap diapers and bimbos should be brought by customer. Every package also includes photos with parents and older siblings (by customer option). It’s the most delicate and touching pictures so I recommend to take proper clothes. Please consider pastel shades clothes  without any logos and bright drawings  which might distract attention from the most important object of photo shooting. 

If the customer, by any reason, decides to cancel session appointment, please inform me as mush in advance as you can. It helps me to adjust my own plans and correct agenda.  I do understand how unpredictable might be days with newborns , that is why don’t mind session cancellations  due to any family reasons.